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Will Brits Need A Visa To Visit The EU After Brexit?

The official date of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union is drawing closer and closer, and there’s a pressing question that British holidaymakers all want to know the answer to. Friday 29th March 2019 will mark two years exactly since our exit formally begun and is set to be the day that we do indeed part with the EU, whether a mutually agreed break up deal has been settled or not.

One common question that we have been receiving from users of is whether travellers will need to apply for a visa to visit some of the continent’s most popular hotspots in a post-Brexit world, and a recent announcement from the European Commission appears to have cleared that particular issue up.

It is thought that the UK will be put on the visa-exempt list, following a recent meeting between the relevant parties in Strasbourg, however this is dependent on Great Britain continuing to offer reciprocal visa-free access for EU citizens.

All countries outside the EU are placed on either a visa exempt or visa required list by the European Commission and whilst this decision is technically still yet to be approved, it’s unlikely to be overturned.

However, UK holiday-goers could still be impacted by a separate EU plan whereby non-EU citizens could need to send off for an electronic travel authorisation in advance of travel, even if they are from a country that is visa-exempt.

In terms of working or long-term stay visas, these are both completely separate issues to the one which concerns holidays. Future relationship negotiations between the EU and the UK, expected to commence next year, will aim to settle those two matters. Keep an eye on the blog, which will be updated with all the relevant travel news relating to Brexit as and when anything is announced.

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