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World’s Most Amazing Film Locations: Part 2

Nothing gets our wanderlust going more than a great film set in a beautiful location, and after drooling over five incredible locations last week we’re back with some more picture-perfect travel inspiration from some of our favourite films. Have you come across any of them on your travels?

Inception – Pont de Bir Hakeim, Paris

Inception is a whirlwind of surreal locations both real and imagined, but one of the most memorable real-life locations is the double-decker Bir Hakeim Bridge in Paris. Cobb is teaching Ariadne how to design the worlds used in inception missions, and after a mind-twisting scene where she bends a Paris street in on itself, they arrive at the bridge where she proceeds to imagine a series of mirrored doors that when pulled in the right directions create an infinity of reflections of the huge metal columns that support the bridge. If you look out for it, you can spot the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Pont de Bir Hakeim, Inception filming location

Lord of the Rings – New Zealand

Peter Jackson’s fantasy epic was filmed in locations all over New Zealand, but one of the most enjoyable for tourists to visit is the perfectly-preserved set of Hobbiton, located near Matamata in the northern island. For approximately £35 you can enjoy a bus ride through scenic New Zealand farmland to the movie set, where a guide will lead you around the maze of hobbit holes pointing out the locations of iconic moments and telling you fascinating facts about the making of the set. You can even finish off your tour with a beer at the famous Green Dragon pub!

Hobbiton, Lord of the Rings filming location
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127 Hours – Blue John Canyon, Utah

127 Hours mainly took place in just one location, but what a location it was! The film tells the true story of Aaron Ralston, who became trapped while hiking through canyons in Utah and eventually amputated his own forearm in order to escape. For the film, the crew decided to use the exact canyon where Ralston himself became trapped – the Blue John Canyon in the Canyonlands National Park. It is possible to visit the location, but the canyons are just as dangerous as the film suggests if you’re not an experienced hiker, so many people book guided tours to explore the national park.

Blue John Canyon, 127 Hours filming location

The Great Gatsby – Sydney

The story of The Great Gatsby takes place entirely in New York, so it might come as a surprise to learn that it was actually filmed in the director Baz Luhrmann’s home country of Australia, mainly in Sydney and the surrounding area. Gatsby’s estate was set up in Centennial Park in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, and the International College of Management was used as the exterior of Gatsby’s impressive mansion. Mount Wilson in the beautiful Blue Mountains became the setting for Nick Carraway’s house, while the beautiful Waverley Cemetery was where (spoiler alert!) Gatsby’s funeral took place.

International College of Management Sydney, Great Gatsby filming location

Spectre – Rome

James Bond’s most recent adventure saw Daniel Craig speeding through the streets of Rome in his Aston Martin on a high-octane car chase. As he winds along narrow streets dodging pedestrians and slow drivers, we get glimpses of St Peter’s Square, the Vatican and the Colosseum, as well as following him along the banks of the Tiber. Parts of the city had to be shut down for a total of 18 nights, during which time they used 8 Aston Martins and 7 Jaguars. The scene comes to end when Bond makes his escape by crashing his car into the river by the Ponte Sisto Bridge.

Rome, Spectre filming location

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