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Ben Kinsella

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to raise £6,000 for the Ben Kinsella Trust at the chairty event hosted in London on 25th June.

The charity event once again showed appreciation and respect towards Ben Kinsella, who was tragically murdered in a horrific knife crime act in June 2008. The event was hosted by Alan Carr; award winning comedian and trusted by Brooke Kinsella, ex-Eastenders star and Ben's sister who aims to pass on Ben's legacy, promote knife crime awareness and educate others of the consequences of knife crime.

Many of Ben's close family and friends attended the event, as well as other famous and well recognized names. Who the team were able to speak to about the event, including Damage, The 'We Will Rock You' cast, Various members of the Eastenders cast, Waterloo Road's stars Lucien Laviscount and Chelsee Healey, as well as Lauren Goodger from The Only Way is Essex and even 'The Voice' star Jaz Ellington and Lemar! Who all attended to support the charity.

When it came to the Charities raffle, many prizes were to be won to raise money for the Charity and a holiday donated by was one of them. The holiday to the RedSea was originally raffled off for £4,000... But then luckily the raffle winners then auctioned off the holiday to the crowd which was eventually won by a bidder at £6,000!!!!

We are proud to have had the chance to attend the event with such dedication shown towards Ben Kinsella and are more than pleased that we were able to raise the most amount of money for such a respectable charity.

Check out our video below from Eve and Fliss at who attended the event and were able to capture footage of the event as well as a few minutes with some famous faces telling us what the event meant to them: