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Bajan Bus, Barbados

The colourful and unique, open-topped, Bajan Bus is the perfect way to see the best of Barbados. Originally used by the locals, the buses took passengers to various destinations around the island, including farmers who were heading to the market with their livestock.

In 1969, two entrepreneurs, Nick Rose and Martin Ince, decided to revive the last remaining old bus and put it back on the road as a tourist attraction. The Bajan Bus tours then quickly became very popular and more vehicles were needed, so Rose and Ince bought a rolling chassis from Simpson Motors, cut off the truck cabin and added a new specially moulded fibreglass front and back. Each bus was equipped with a well-stocked ice bucket bar and a top-of-the-range surround sound system.

Today, a number of these wonderfully multi-coloured Bajan Buses, also known as Reggae Buses, take visitors on various fun-filled excursions around the island.