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Surfing, Barbados

Famous for its holiday resorts, beautiful clear blue water and soft white sandy beaches, Barbados is also a perfect destination avid surfers. Whichever part of the island you are holidaying on, Barbados is guaranteed to have surf somewhere along its idyllic shores.

The east coast of the island, with its strong constant trade winds (especially Bathsheba and its famous ‘Soup Bowl’), is ideal for more experienced surfers. Whereas, the west and south coast offer great conditions for beginners or less experienced surfers. Surfer’s Point in Bridgetown has easy left-hand walls which break over the sand; making it a particularly popular beach for novice surfers, and the same goes for Long Beach in Inch Marlow and Freights Bay in Oistins.

Duppies, on the north-western tip of the island, has consistent waves and is ideal for intermediate surfers. Whereas, Tropicana, located on the west coast of Barbados is perfect for those seeking more of a thrill and a challenge. Whatever your ability, you are sure to enjoy riding the aqua-blue waves on one of the island’s tropical beaches.