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Beaches, Barbados

Barbados’s beaches really are paradise on Earth, combining sparkling turquoise shores with soft, powdery sands to sink your toes into. You will be astounded by the heavenly beaches here, whether you are heading out on a boat tour from Bath Beach to glide past the stretches of sands this blissful country offers, or booking a snorkelling adventure to uncover the colourful reefs.

Accra Beach

The quiet beach of Accra in Christ Church has beautiful soft white sand, gorgeous clear turquoise waters and is a lovely place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of some of the livelier resorts.

You can hire sunbeds and umbrellas and there are picnic tables and chairs plus a couple of beach cafes for when you get hungry or want a drink. The natural shade from the trees along the beach provides a welcome respite from the hot Barbados sun, making it the perfect spot for reading a good book or just having a quiet snooze.

Accra beach is a fantastic place for snorkelling and if the conditions are right and the water is calm, you will often find turtles to swim alongside. The long boardwalk to the right of the beach is popular with early morning joggers and is also ideal for a romantic stroll, as the sunsets and beautiful island views here are truly spectacular.

Archers Bay Beach

The small, quiet and peaceful, Archers Bay Beach, is located at the north-west tip of the island of Barbados at St. Lucy. Surrounded by coral and limestone cliffs, the quaint beach has stunning views and on a sunny day is a fantastic spot for relaxing and soaking up the sun.

There is a lovely grass field on the top of the cliffs, which is a perfect place for a picnic if you don’t want to venture down to the bay itself. After eating, why not take a stroll along the cliffs and enjoy the spectacular views across the bay? If you are lucky, you might even see a few monkeys in the trees.

Situated on the north-west coast of the island, you won’t be short of incredible ocean views and lush, breathtaking vistas of the island, where you can see palm trees and rolling hills surrounding you.

Bath Beach

Bath Beach is popular with locals, tourists and is a lovely beach-based trip for holidaymakers visiting from the cruise ships. It is one of the safest and most-visited beaches on the east coast of the island, due to to the calm waters and gentle waves.

Ideal for families, Bath Beach is the perfect place to paddle or swim in the dark blue, beautifully clear sea, followed by lunch on the picnic benches under the shade of the casuarina trees. You can either bring a picnic with you or buy your snacks, sandwiches and drinks from the beach stand, or one of the mobile vendors.

There is a large car park, children’s playground, shaded picnic areas, changing rooms, showers and toilets and there will be a lifeguard on duty during the main holiday seasons. A pleasant stroll to the north leads to a small waterfall and streams, as well as the remains of the old train line that once ran from Bridgetown to Belleplaine.

Batts Rock Beach

Located in St. Michael Parish, the public beach at Batts Rock with its tan-coloured sand is surrounded by palm trees and makes a perfect sunbathing spot. The tranquil, turquoise sea is excellent for swimming, while the crystal-clear waters and small rocky areas also make it an excellent site for snorkelling.

The beach bar with its lovely swings and floor cushions you can use for seats serves meals, snacks, soft drinks, beers and delicious cocktails. It also has a pool table and a hoopla area, which is ideal for the kids. There are also sunbeds and umbrellas to hire and you can find showers and changing facilities as well as a small children’s playground on the beach, too.

The wooded area between Batts Rock and Paradise Beach is equipped with tables and chairs, making it a perfect place for a picnic under the shade of the trees. Who knows you may even see some of the cute, local, green monkeys that hang out in the trees.

Bottom Bay

Tucked away on the south coast in the parish of St. Philip, is Bottom Bay; a pristine, wide and spacious pink-sand beach, partly surrounded by high coral cliffs. This beautiful bay with its palm-fringed shoreline is a quiet and peaceful spot which is often cited as one of the top beaches in Barbados, ideal for those wanting to get away from it all.

The dramatic natural scenery really makes Bottom Bay stand out from many other beaches on the island and the lack of crowds make this a particularly relaxing spot. If you’re looking to get off the tourist trail, then this is the beach for you, where you can experience your own little slice of paradise.

There is a car park at the top of the cliff where a coconut vendor will sell you coconuts and perhaps a little rum before you go down the steps to the beach – the perfect addition to your picnic.

Brandons Beach

Brandons Beach is located on the west coast of Barbados, just on the outskirts of Bridgetown, in the parish of St. Michael. The beach is just a short walk from the port, so it’s a great place to spend the day if you’re visiting the island on a cruise.

This lovely stretch of white sand has beautiful blue, calm, clear waters and is a fabulous spot for sunbathing and swimming. There are plenty of sunbeds and parasols to hire as well as toilets, changing rooms and showers.

Image source: Wikimedia. Copyright: Barry Haynes.

Brandons Beach has plenty of water sports, including football, paddle tennis, volleyball, windsurfing and kayaking as well as banana boat and Hobie Cat Rides. If you prefer something more relaxing, why not take a leisurely stroll along the sand to Brighton beach or just sit back and watch the catamarans sailing slowly up the coast, taking holidaymakers on a trip to snorkel and swim with sea turtles?

Beach bars and restaurants sell local Caribbean food, snacks and drinks, or if you’ve brought your own food, there are plenty of picnic tables sheltered under the shady trees lining the beach.

Heywoods Beach

The idyllic Heywoods Beach, located in the north-western parish of St. Peter, is one of the island’s widest beaches. The calm, azure-blue waters with its safe, shallow reefs make this an ideal spot for swimming or snorkelling and the numerous, small rock-enclosed pools are perfect for children to splash about and play in.

The beach is mainly used by guests staying at one of the hotels but as with all the island’s beaches, it is also open to the public. Day visitors can either bring their own chairs, parasols and refreshments, or they can be rented from the hotel, where you can also find refreshments.

Water sports are very popular on Heywoods Beach, where you can have a go at water skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving or take a trip on a glass-bottomed boat to see the amazing colourful fish and marine life that thrive in the beautiful waters of this lovely coastline.

Martins Bay

Martins Bay is located on the east coast of the island in the parish of St. John and this lovely little bay with its soft sand, gentle sea breezes, coconut palm trees, shaded picnic tables and small children’s playground, is a favourite with local families as well as tourists.

Image source: Flickr. Copyright Romana Klee

This sleepy fishing village is easy on the eyes, where you can see local lobster fisherman amongst the shallow reefs. There are also several small pools, created by rocks blocking the ocean waves, which provide wonderful areas where children can safely enjoy paddling and swimming.

At the northern end of this quiet bay are striking rock formations that define the east coast of Barbados and at the southern end, you can walk along the top of the cliffs to Bath beach while taking in the breathtaking scenery – a brilliant place to take some photographs and enjoy stunning sunsets, too.

Maxwell Beach

Located on the south coast of the island, Maxwell Beach in Christ Church has the beautiful fine white sand and crystal-clear waters that Barbados’s beaches are renowned for. Quieter than some other resorts, Maxwell Beach is ideal for those that prefer a peaceful and relaxing holiday away from the crowds and noise of the larger holiday spots.

Image source: Flickr, ShareAlike.

Great fun can be had jumping the lively waves and swimming or splashing about in the shallow water and as with a lot of beaches in Barbados, incredible vistas, palm trees and ocean views surround you. There are also large rocks scattered along the beach, making this the perfect place for exploring.

When on Maxwell Beach you will never be far from local amenities, as you can take a leisurely stroll to St. Lawrence Gap, with its array of bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from when you get peckish. If you prefer to have a picnic, you will be able to purchase everything you need from the local convenience store, then head back to the beach to enjoy your meal.

Sandy Lane Beach

Sandy Lane Beach is situated on the west coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. James, which is one of the island’s most beautiful tourist regions. The long, beautifully maintained, sheltered stretch of pristine golden sand is right in front of the eminent Sandy Lane Hotel, known for its rich and celebrated clientele.

All beaches in Barbados are public, and even though the hotel often has famous guests, the public entrance to this beach can be found at the southern end of Sandy Lane Hotel. The sea is usually beautifully calm with placid waves lapping at the shore and as water sports aren’t allowed too close to the beach, you’re guaranteed quiet and peaceful swimming conditions.

Public showers are at the entrance of the beach and sun loungers and beach umbrellas are available to rent if you are just visiting for the day, and the Sandy Lane resort operates a beach bar which is also open to non-residents. Take a trip to this delightful beach, where you can spot celebrities and film stars on the sun loungers.