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Sandy Lane Beach, Barbados

Sandy Lane Beach is situated on the west coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. James, which is one of the island’s most beautiful tourist regions. The long, beautifully maintained, sheltered stretch of pristine golden sand is right in front of the eminent Sandy Lane Hotel, known for its rich and celebrated clientele.

All beaches in Barbados are public, and even though the hotel often has famous guests, the public entrance to this beach can be found at the southern end of Sandy Lane Hotel. The sea is usually beautifully calm with placid waves lapping at the shore and as water sports aren’t allowed too close to the beach, you’re guaranteed quiet and peaceful swimming conditions.

Public showers are at the entrance of the beach and sun loungers and beach umbrellas are available to rent if you are just visiting for the day, and the Sandy Lane resort operates a beach bar which is also open to non-residents. Take a trip to this delightful beach, where you can spot celebrities and film stars on the sun loungers.