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Rum Shops And Bars, Barbados

The history of rum in Barbados started in 1703, and over the years it has become a fundamental part of the Bajan culture. So, if you’re an avid rum lover, ensure you visit one of the Barbados rum shops, packed with a huge variety of Caribbean rums in bottles of all sizes.

Join the locals who gather in these shops for a gossip or a game of dominoes; enjoy a drink and a chat or just simply sit back, relax and soak up the atmosphere. Some of the shops also serve snacks and bar food to enjoy, too.

Image source: Flickr. Copyright: Meg Stewart.

The London Bar, Hercules, Lexies and Braddies are amongst the many well-known rum shops on the island, serving up this delicious drink while live bands play or karaoke sessions begin.

After a day on the beach, few things could be more enjoyable than a night in a rum shop. You can mix with the locals and combine drinking rum with listening to lively reggae music, providing a truly unforgettable Caribbean experience overall.