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Street Food, Barbados

Bajan street food is made from fresh, local ingredients, prepared and cooked with unique local spices. Served from street food stalls, vans, coal pots, barbecues and vendors carrying trays, you’ll find an array of tempting, tasty food to try.

Amongst the usual specialities, you will find the national dish – flying fish with cou-cou, large fish cakes served with Marie rose sauce, seasoned breadfruit chips, rice and peas, BBQ pig’s tails, fish cutters (a sandwich made with salt bread), macaroni pie and jerk chicken.

Venture to Ostin’s fish market, to try the grilled and fried fish, which is freshly caught from the sea that day. Or, if you have a sweet tooth, make sure you try the local coconut cake or the Bajan black cake, similar to a traditional British Christmas pudding but with cherries, raisins, prunes and Bajan rum instead of brandy. A truly rich and delightful delicacy to enjoy on your travels to Barbados.