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Blackmans Gully and Bridge, Barbados

Blackmans Gully is located in the parish of St. Joseph, on the east coast of Barbados and is (amazingly) over 200 years old. Hidden for many years, this incredible bridge was recently unearthed by members of the “clean up Barbados” programme and now attracts many avid hikers.

Image source: Flickr. Copyright Kaspar C.

Tour operators offer guided walks through the beautiful, winding, nature trail which passes the bridge, with its lush vegetation, fauna and unique birds. There are also many interesting plants, some of which have medicinal value and hikers will often see the famous Barbados Green Monkeys, high up in the trees.

Spanning over the gully is the 17th century, 35-40 metre-long (and 3-5 metre-wide) Blackmans Bridge. Your guide will tell you all about how this limestone bridge was originally built while showing you around this beautiful area of the island, where you can also discover old buildings belonging to plantations, unearthing some Bajan history along the way.