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Ahtopol, Bulgaria

The southern seaside town of Ahtopol is situated 87 km south of Bourgas and is not far from the Turkish border. On a small rocky headland, deep within the remote Strandzha National Park, it has two long and attractive beaches where the water is warm and the hot sun is cooled by breezes from mountains.

Ahtopol is not a modern, lively resort but it has a unique and quaint appeal of its own. Old wooden houses and a lighthouse can be found along the rocky shore and ancient fishing boats in the water, all add to the charm of this lovely area.

Sat on the beach, you may see owls, vultures, and deer and because it’s off-the-beaten-track, possibly naked people as nude bathing is also allowed.

For those who want peace and quiet while on holiday, Ahtopol (its name means ‘The Town of Love’) is a perfect destination.