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Cheap places to eat, Bulgaria

Cheap places to eat in Bulgaria can be found in abundance wherever you are staying. In Sofia the Sun and Moon restaurant is a fantastic vegetarian restaurant with daily specials. They also bake their own bread and sweet and savoury cookies. The prices are extremely reasonable, the atmosphere lovely and the staff very friendly. A gem of a place.

If you are staying in Sunny Beach then “DJANNY” is one of the cheapest, loved by Bulgarians and by tourists for their quick service, incredibly cheap prices and fresh food. This place is well known for its big salads (‘Shopska Salad’ is the most popular Bulgarian salad), grills and local food and is open seven days a week.

In Plovdiv, you will find all manner of cheap snack bars, cafes, pizzerias and take away serving pizza slices, doner kebabs, cardboard cups of hot sweetcorn to name but a few.