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Devil's Throat Cave, Bulgaria

Located in the Western Rhodopes of Bulgaria, Devil’s Throat Cave is a popular attraction for tourists, cave-explorers, and photographers. The cave’s entrance resembles a devil’s head, and down its throat rushes a massive waterfall that from ancient times has stirred people’s imagination and given birth to numerous legends.

The water cascades from the cave into “The Hall of Thunder” which is the second largest cavern in the country. From here the water flows down once again, before merging with an underground river. It is said that nothing carried into the Devil’s Mouth Cave by the river ever surfaces from it on the other side.

Entrance to the cave is only allowed with a tour guide, who will take you through manmade galleries and staircases that lead up along the waterfall. Along the walls are various carvings of men, demons, and devils. An unusual and spectacular place to visit.