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Island hopping, Cape Verde

Thanks to Cape Verde being made up of 10 different islands of varying shapes and sizes, it is the perfect location to go island hopping. Each island is very different, both in terms of size and geography, so it’s advisable putting a whole day aside if you want to get the most out of your island hopping adventure.

Visit the largest island, Sal, where you can enjoy culture, fantastic food and a range of attractions. On the other hand, gaze at the 2,800-metre-high volcanic peak on Fogo, or head to Santo Antao and explore the beautiful canyons and tropical plants.

After there, you could head to Brava island and stop off at the gorgeous Bay of Faja D’Agua, to enjoy the lush greenery. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for sand, sea or countryside, the islands which make up Cape Verde really do have something to suit everyone’s tastes.