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Surfing, Cape Verde

The beautifully clean and crystal-clear waters surrounding Cape Verde make it the ideal spot for surfers. Every year, thousands of people flock to the shoreline to get on their boards and catch some waves.

A wide range of trips is available to be booked if you are looking for expert help. Family-friendly surf trips ensure there is something for everyone, while luxury surf trips mean you get plenty of added perks besides just a great time on the waves. There are also plenty of courses available for first-time surfers.

Boards are available to rent from a variety of outlets near the beaches, and there are several beaches around Cape Verde which are particularly good for surfing. Don’t feel limited to just traditional surfboarding, either. In fact, the true potential for surfing in the waters around these islands was discovered in the 1980s by windsurfers in Santa Maria. So, if windsurfing is something you have always wanted to try, or if you’re already an expert on the sport, make sure you hit the waves during your Cape Verde holiday.