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Viveiro Botanical Garden, Cape Verde

The Viveiro Botanical Garden can be found in Santa Maria on the Island of Sal. Viveiro is not just a greenhouse, it is a botanical garden of a wide range of diverse plant life. Surrounded by desert, the garden is like an oasis, offering visitors a rare chance to see some fresh greenery.

Flora and fauna live in harmony in the Viveiro Botanical Garden, and visitors can roam freely around the premises, taking in the sights and smells of these beautiful plants. There is also an animal park, which houses everything from donkeys and ponies to exotic birds. Get up close and personal with the various creatures housed here and feel free to snap as many pictures as you’d like; the many animals and exotic plants make this place a photographer’s dream.

Once your visit is complete, you can enjoy a refreshing drink and something to eat in the cafe, which is located on the site.