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Pedra de Lume beach, Cape Verde

Pedra de Lume beach, on the north-eastern coast of Sal in Cape Verde is a beach with a difference, one which you’ll have to see to believe. The water here is 27 times saltier than normal seawater, which means just like the famous Dead Sea, you are able to actually float on the surface.

The high salt content of the water makes it denser than our bodies and means that we are more buoyant, enabling us to float on the surface as a result. This high salt content works wonders for your skin, too; it coats your body in a thin layer of salt which helps to exfoliate your skin.

The water sits in the eye of a volcano crater, which means it offers pleasant, warm temperatures, comfortable for all swimmers. This peculiar natural anomaly is a fascinating experience and makes Pedra de Lume Beach well worth a visit on Cape Verde Holidays.