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Ponta Preta Beach, Cape Verde

Ponta Preta Beach in Murderia is an idyllic haven of peace and serenity. Its smooth sandy shores coupled with its vibrant blue seas make it one of the most inviting beach spots in Cape Verde.

Image source: WikiCommons. Copyright Brunobarbato

Ponta Preta is a popular but also a vast stretch of beach, meaning its quiet and peaceful despite the number of visitors. The sea can often produce big waves, making it fun for swimmers and excellent for water sports such as surfing. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more relaxing experience, kick back and unwind on one of the beach’s many sun loungers, or place a towel on the ground and lie on the sandy surface.

There are a number of beach huts and restaurants providing visitors with refreshments and amenities, ensuring everyone remains satisfied and comfortable throughout the day. Ponta Preta also sees stunning sunsets on an evening, so it is well worth staying here until the end of the day, too.