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Ponto do Sol Beach, Cape Verde

If you’re after a beach with a view, then consider a trip to Ponta do Sol. Situated on the northern tip of the island of Santa Antāo, Ponto do Sol is a small city which boasts one of Cape Verde’s best beaches.

This beach is a dream for active holidaymakers who like to explore the area and take in their surroundings during their visit. There are a number of excellent hiking routes close to the beach, each of which will allow you to take in the striking sights of Ponto do Sol’s mountainous scenery.

If hiking isn’t your thing, head straight to the beach, which has pretty impressive views itself. The rocky coastline and mountainous landscape are both visible from Ponto do Sol’s shores, but despite the dramatic views, the beach itself is far from deafening. Few tourists actually know of this stunning spot, so it tends to be quiet and peaceful.

The sea is great for swimmers, too, another way to get active before unwinding at this stunning location.