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Praia da Laginha, Cape Verde

Praia da Laginha is a small beach on the north coast of Sāo Vicente island in Cape Verde. This picturesque little beach is home to some of the best beach swimming in Cape Verde; the calm, tranquil nature of the sea makes it easy to swim in for even the most precautious of swimmers.

Nonetheless, the beach is manned by lifeguards to ensure visitors have complete peace of mind while swimming. The lifeguards are very friendly, too, and happily tell visitors about the island’s culture and heritage.

While it’s a bit windier than other beaches on the island, it’s the beauty of this beach that you’ll really be swept away by. The sea is a vibrant blue colour and the beach overlooks stunning, rocky mountains, providing a stunning view for all of its visitors. This beach tends to be very quiet, too, so you can take in the views in complete peace and serenity.