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Food and Drink, Cape Verde

Expect delicious, traditional West African cuisine on Cape Verde holidays, as well as punchy and fruity cocktails, served at blissful bars on the beach. You can even drink out of a fresh coconut while you sunbathe. Head over to one of the many local eateries and tuck into the popular and traditional Canjo soup served there; you won’t regret it.

Bahia the Beach restaurant

Take a trip over to Bahia the Beach bar and restaurant in beautiful Boa Vista, Cape Verde, which some have named the best restaurant in Praia Estoril.


Bica D’Areia

Bica D’Areia tapas restaurant suits all tastes, and caters for all dietary requirements, too. As well as sumptuous seafood and meat dishes, this restaurant has an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu to choose from.


Buddy Bar

Buddy Bar, Santa Maria is the perfect spot for evening drinks inside a quaint and quirky establishment. This popular bar in Cape Verde has even been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.



CapeFruit restaurant and café in Cape Verde is a popular healthy eating spot in Santa Maria, thanks to the fresh and local produce it has to offer.


Funana Casa da Cultura

Funana Casa da Cultura restaurant in Cape Verde offers not only tasty food and a thriving atmosphere, but a collection of artefacts, too, as a unique museum actually lives inside this popular eating and drinking spot.


Morabeza Beach Bar and Lounge Restaurant

Morabeza Beach Bar & Lounge Restaurant is the top venue to venture over to for a night away from your resort. Local African cuisine is served here, as well as flavoursome seafood dishes, ranging from tuna steaks to fresh lobster.


Pérola d’Chaves

The impressive Pérola d’Chaves beach club restaurant in Cape Verde is where holidaymakers flock to for tasty cuisine before, during and after a day soaking up the sun, in the desirable dunes of Chaves.


Punto d’Incontro

Punto d’Incontro restaurant is a pleasant Italian eatery located in beautiful Praia, in Cape Verde, offering diners beautifully presented and delicious tasting dishes.


Soul Kitchen Gourmet Restaurant

When eating and drinking in Cape Verde, make sure you head over to the exquisite Soul Kitchen Gourmet Restaurant, for delectable food and a vibrant atmosphere.


Wakan Bar

Cape Verde’s unique Wakan Bar in Sal Rei is not only a bar, but an experience, too. Its structure and layout has been designed to look like a boat, fitting in well with tourist’s high expectations of Cape Verde and the popular boat tours it offers, far and wide.