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Food and Drink, Cape Verde

Expect delicious, traditional West African cuisine on Cape Verde holidays, as well as punchy and fruity cocktails, served at blissful bars on the beach. You can even drink out of a fresh coconut while you sunbathe. Head over to one of the many local eateries and tuck into the popular and traditional Canjo soup served there; you won’t regret it.

Bahia the Beach restaurant

Take a trip over to Bahia the Beach bar and restaurant in beautiful Boa Vista, Cape Verde, which some have named the best restaurant in Praia Estoril. This top food and drink spot sits in the dunes on the popular Estoril beach, meaning travellers can enjoy a spot of sunbathing and then opt for a lazy lunch, tucking into some delectable delights over at this fabulous bar and restaurant.

Choose from a lengthy list of reworked Italian portions of pasta, and taste a particular traveller favourite – the delectable carpaccio. If you’re looking to try local seafood, order the delightful tuna steak. The bar offers guests an array of drinks, including freshly made cocktails from their lavish menu, as well as specialist craft beers and delicious local wines.

The hidden gem that is Bahia the Beach is also the perfect spot to relax. Closed after sunset, it’s best to head here early to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and tasty cuisine.

Bica D’Areia

Bica D’Areia tapas restaurant suits all tastes, and caters for all dietary requirements, too. As well as sumptuous seafood and meat dishes, this restaurant has an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu to choose from.

The food here is made to order, meaning it may take a little longer than some other restaurants in Cape Verde, but it’s certainly worth it when the food arrives, both looking and tasting amazing. Choose from tasty octopus and prawn dishes, alongside tuna steaks marinated in sesame.

Not only is the food delicious, but the sea views are awe-inspiring, too. Located directly on the beach, you can sit outside on the terrace and eat your chosen dishes, while catching a tan and watching over the waves.

Live like a local and taste the local wine at Bica D’Areia – a delicious red wine made and sold in Cape Verde. A beach-side bar is also located outside at Bica D’Areia, meaning you can sip on your favourite cocktail, thanks to quick and personalised service.

Buddy Bar

Buddy Bar, Santa Maria is the perfect spot for evening drinks inside a quaint and quirky establishment. This popular bar in Cape Verde has even been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. Relax to great music and embrace the chic, chilled-out vibe, along with the dainty décor.

Revel in happy hour, which gives you the chance to taste some of the specialist Buddy Bar cocktails from the menu. That being said, even when it isn’t happy hour, Buddy Bar offers outstanding value for money. The atmosphere itself is the main reason many visit this Cape Verde bar, time and time again. Buddy Bar is also famed for serving up a mean G&T.

This bar also welcomes all types of traveller. So, whether you’re a solo traveller looking to socialise with like-minded people, or have a few drinks with friends after a day of sunbathing under Cape Verde’s sizzling sun, there’s a seat for you at Buddy Bar.


CapeFruit restaurant and café in Cape Verde is a popular healthy eating spot in Santa Maria, thanks to the fresh and local produce it has to offer. Relaxing, chilled out music plays every day at CapeFruit, for diners to listen to while they tuck into delicious food, or drink fresh, detox juices in a calming cotton hammock.

CapeFruit provides an array of dishes, from tasty sandwiches, wraps, healthy snacks and delicious drinks, too, including Italian coffee. A particular traveller favourite to order off the menu is the healthy smoothies and juices, which leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a day spent lying in the hot hot heat.

Many travellers venture up to CapeFruit for breakfast, which is one of their most prized dishes. Cape Verde can sometimes be a little tricky to source wholly vegetarian dishes. However, this restaurant and café are certainly vegetarian-friendly, offering plenty of vegetarian dishes to choose from.

Funana Casa da Cultura

Funana Casa da Cultura restaurant in Cape Verde offers not only tasty food and a thriving atmosphere, but a collection of artefacts, too, as a unique museum actually lives inside this popular eating and drinking spot. The quaint local church which sits nearby is also a great sight to see before or after stopping off at Funana Casa da Cultura.

Head to Funana for 1 pm, right until 4 pm to enjoy the savoury local buffet, which you can enjoy while relaxing to live music played here. The Sunday buffet here is particularly popular, priced at a cheap and cheerful price of €10.

For an exciting night out in Cape Verde, check out Funana Casa da Cultura’s ‘Crazy Thursdays’ – a night filled with party music for you to dance the night away to, starting at 11 pm and running through into the early hours of 3 am. Even better, upon arrival visitors receive a welcome drink to enjoy.

Morabeza Beach Bar and Lounge Restaurant

Morabeza Beach Bar & Lounge Restaurant is the top venue to venture over to for a night away from your resort. Local African cuisine is served here, as well as flavoursome seafood dishes, ranging from tuna steaks to fresh lobster.

Morabeza Beach Bar & Lounge Restaurant is best enjoyed at night, thanks to the regular entertainment hosted here, as well as the vibrant atmosphere which fills the room. Dance to the beat of steel drums, while enjoying tasty cuisine and delicious drinks by the bar, amongst the rustic, traditional and authentic surroundings.

Many travellers actually visit this restaurant primarily for the trendy beach bar located here. The thatched roof terrace adds to the authentic yet chic interior. Sit back and relax with a drink while watching the sunset stretch across the beautiful beach, or sip a cocktail on the outdoor swing, and truly take in Cape Verde’s wondrous surroundings.

Pérola d’Chaves

The impressive Pérola d’Chaves beach club restaurant in Cape Verde is where holidaymakers flock to for tasty cuisine before, during and after a day soaking up the sun, in the desirable dunes of Chaves.

Delectable Cape Verdean dishes are served up each day at this exclusive beach club restaurant, followed by exquisite presentation. One of the main attractions at Pérola d’Chaves, aside from the juicy cocktails and appetizing food is the brilliant nightlife and entertainment. Enjoy evenings featuring live music each week, ranging from relaxing music and local bands to lively resident DJ sets.

One other highlight of this beach club restaurant is it caters for all palettes, offering up vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, which can sometimes be harder than you think to find in Cape Verde.

Located south of Sal-Rei, holidaymakers can simply stroll over to Pérola d’Chaves, or hop in a taxi if it’s a little further than a short walk from your hotel.

Punto d’Incontro

Punto d’Incontro restaurant is a pleasant Italian eatery located in beautiful Praia, in Cape Verde, offering diners beautifully presented and delicious tasting dishes. Choose from tantalisingly tasty pizzas with a wide selection of toppings, ricotta ravioli and lobster pasta dishes.

Even better, each day Punto d’Incontro offer different tastes across their starters, mains and desserts. So, be sure to check the blackboard of specials; this is where all the finest dishes feature, so you can explore a range of flavours to try and taste.

The open kitchen is a key feature at this unique Cape Verdean restaurant, attracting many holidaymakers who love eating freshly prepared dishes. In fact, you can watch the chefs hand-preparing your pizza, tossing an array of fresh and delectable toppings onto your pizza base. The Saint Nicholas pizza is highly recommended by travellers, so opt for this dish when you venture over to Punto d’Incontro.

Soul Kitchen Gourmet Restaurant

When eating and drinking in Cape Verde, make sure you head over to the exquisite Soul Kitchen Gourmet Restaurant, for delectable food and a vibrant atmosphere. Choose from a range of palatable dishes, including tuna tartare, sumptuous duck breast, veal cheek and fish stew.

The taster menu at Soul Kitchen Gourmet Restaurant is a hit with visitors. This dinner choice allows guests to enjoy the range of different dishes on offer, and taste new foods. Although a little pricier than the usual restaurant in Cape Verde, Soul Kitchen Gourmet Restaurant is definitely worth the higher price tag, serving food that is a cut above the rest.

Some even refer to the food here as an art form, since it is so beautifully presented, as well as tantalising the taste buds. A great selection of wines is also available at this luxurious restaurant, either by the glass or by the bottle.

The interior is calming and welcoming; perfect for an intimate romantic night-time meal. Soul Kitchen even offers a terrace for visitors to enjoy dining in true style.

Wakan Bar

Cape Verde’s unique Wakan Bar in Sal Rei is not only a bar, but an experience, too. Its structure and layout has been designed to look like a boat, fitting in well with tourist’s high expectations of Cape Verde and the popular boat tours it offers, far and wide.

The bar neighbours the Sal Rei pier, sitting right beside it on the mainland, serving up delicious drinks and a calming atmosphere. If you’re looking to truly relax and sip on tasty cocktails, with the sun shining down, Wakan Bar in Sal Rei is certainly the spot for you.

With quick service, a huge range to choose from on the cocktail menu, as well as a cosy and warm atmosphere from the owners and like-minded travellers, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Wakan Bar in beautiful Cape Verde. The owners of Wakan Bar are actually Italian, and not only serve up flavoursome alcoholic beverages but make a mean cup of coffee, too.