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Pérola d'Chaves, Cape Verde

The impressive Pérola d’Chaves beach club restaurant in Cape Verde is where holidaymakers flock to for tasty cuisine before, during and after a day soaking up the sun, in the desirable dunes of Chaves.

Delectable Cape Verdean dishes are served up each day at this exclusive beach club restaurant, followed by exquisite presentation. One of the main attractions at Pérola d’Chaves, aside from the juicy cocktails and appetizing food is the brilliant nightlife and entertainment. Enjoy evenings featuring live music each week, ranging from relaxing music and local bands to lively resident DJ sets.

One other highlight of this beach club restaurant is it caters for all palettes, offering up vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, which can sometimes be harder than you think to find in Cape Verde.

Located south of Sal-Rei, holidaymakers can simply stroll over to Pérola d’Chaves, or hop in a taxi if it’s a little further than a short walk from your hotel.