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Fortaleza Real de San Felipe, Cape Verde

The impressive structure and amazing history of Fortaleza Real de San Felipe makes for a fascinating place to visit during your holiday to Cape Verde.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons. Copyright Erik Kristensen

Originally built to defend the Peruvian port and the city of Lima from pirates in the 18th century, today, it is one of Cape Verde’s biggest tourist attractions. The structure is extremely well preserved, still housing original cannons and artefacts. It is recommended you come with a guide, who can talk you through the many points of interest and provide you with an in-depth story of the fortress’s background and significance.

Aside from the centuries of history, Fortaleza Real de San Felipe has to offer, there are also sweeping views of the ocean, mountains and surrounding countryside. Not only does the site itself make a brilliant photo opportunity, the location is also incredibly photogenic. So, if you’re a photography lover be sure to bring your camera.