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Pedra Lume, Cape Verde

Founded by Manuel Antonio Martins, Pedra Lume can be found on Cape Verde’s Sal Island. It is famed worldwide for its salt evaporation ponds, which have been exploited since the 18th century.

Visitors can float freely in the saltwater ponds, which is excellent for your skin. Set in the desert, the landscape is vast and sparse, making it an extremely remote and peaceful place to visit. There is a smooth path leading down to the crater, making it easily accessible for visitors of all ages and abilities.

Pedra Lume is a much-loved family trip for all the family, with all ages flocking to the ponds to take a dip in the refreshing water. Pedra Lume is listed on the itinerary of many Sal tour excursions, led by knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guides who are only too happy to share their expertise with holidaymakers. Be sure to take a look at the trips available during your Cape Verde holiday.