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Porto Novo-Ribeira Grande Road, Cape Verde

The coastal road of Porto Novo-Ribeira Grande can be found on the island of Santo Antao, in the city of Porto Novo.

This winding road takes you along the gorgeous coastline of Santo Antao, but you see a lot more than just the ocean along the Porto Novo-Ribeira Grande Road. Take in the astoundingly beautiful mountain landscape and also get a brilliant view of the desert, volcanoes, villages and much more. This is one of the most peaceful roads in Cape Verde, providing travellers with much more than just a glimpse of the true beauty of the island – you get to see it all.

Image source: Flickr. Copyright Patricksavalle

The Porto Novo-Ribeira Grande Road isn’t limited to just motorists, either. Many hikers and walkers absolutely love this route, which stretches for 34 kilometres. After walking in the mountains, the road gives you the option to head into the town and surf in the ocean, or just take a stroll along the beach.