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Rue Banana, Cape Verde

Rue Banana is a top attraction in Cidade Velha, located on Cape Verde’s largest island, Santiago. It is the oldest street urbanised by Europeans in Sub-Saharan Africa. Detailed information can be found on a board along the street, giving a great deal of historical background to this remarkable place.

Image source: WikiMedia Commons. Copyright Cayambe

This area has changed little in the past 500 years, offering visitors a chance to really experience what it was like to live here all the way back in the 16th century. Walk freely along the street and take in the quaint buildings, which are nestled snugly into the hillside behind Rue Banana.

Lined with whitewashed stone houses, which are topped with their original straw roofs, you are able to immerse yourself in the history of this beautiful location. The locals are very friendly and there’s even the opportunity to purchase refreshments from some of them who sell various drinks and snacks outside their houses.