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Game of Thrones Tours, Croatia

Some visitors to Croatia will likely recognise many of Croatia’s sites and landmarks from the hit TV show “Game of Thrones”. Numerous sites across Croatia were used to shoot iconic scenes for the show and there are now numerous tours across the country which allow you to see these sites. This includes walking tours in the popular cities of Dubrovnik and Split, which are both home to numerous sites used to shoot scenes for the show. See the Docks of King’s Landing, the City of Meereen and the House of the Undying in person.

The tours also provide fascinating facts and background information about the sites and how the scenes were shot. The Dubrovnik tours are lead by expert tour guides, all of whom were a part of the filming process in some way. Some were part of production teams whereas others were used as extras on set, and they are all happy to share the interesting stories of their time on set and about how the scenes were shot.