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Scuba Diving & Snorkelling, Croatia

Croatia is home to an abundance of natural beauty spots and if you look below the surface of the Adriatic Sea, you will discover a treasure cove of hidden gems. There are countless great spots to go snorkelling and scuba diving in Croatia, with the calm and clear, warm waters making it easy to see the sights of the sea in comfort. See the colourful reefs and mysterious ruins while swimming with the exotic wildlife, which includes inimitable, unique fish, as well as starfish and lobsters.

Fascinating scuba diving courses are widely available across Croatia, including in the popular cities of Split and Dubrovnik, and a range of courses are available. So weather you’re an experienced diver or taking the plunge for the first time, there’s a diving excursion perfect for you. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to go snorkelling, Danče in Dubrovnik, Odisej Cave at Mljet Island and Proizd in Korcula are all great spots to put on your snorkelling mask and get exploring.