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Nin's beaches, Croatia

Nin’s beaches in Croatia is comprised of an array of individual beaches, all situated within one resorts, which stretches across 8,000 metres. The beaches found here are: Ždrijac, Prodorica, Bilotnjak, Zaton Holiday Resort and the famed Queens beach, which many have coined as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Nin’s beaches image source: Flickr. Copyright, Mario Fajt.

Queens beach is the longest beach of all Nin’s beaches, with shallow swimming waters and a beautiful beachfront; making it a particular tourist hot spot. Another reason to visit Queens beach – it is home to the largest area if medicinal mud in the whole of Croatia; making a trip here one to remember.

Each beach offers a different beach experience, with Bilotnjak resembling a sandy desert, in contrast to Prodorica – a stunning beach surrounded by luscious green forestry. Zaton Holiday Resort is another one of Nin’s fabulous beaches, offering nearby children’s theme parks, water slides, swimming pools and further amenities, including tasty restaurants and bars.