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Pakleni Islands, Croatia

Pakleni Islands in Croatia are spectacular, offering warm temperatures, mesmerising views and not forgetting, breathtaking bays and beaches. Pakleni Islands don’t just involve soaking up the sun’s sizzling rays, but admiring the impressive scenery and mossy coastline. Not forgetting, this is Croatia’s hot spot for sailing. So, make sure you pre-book your mooring; Pakleni Islands are really popular for sailing and it gets busier and busier throughout the high season.

Discover the different dimensions of Pakleni Islands, to truly appreciate Croatia. When exploring the Pakleni islands, Langanini is a popular area visited by tourists, thanks to its bustling range of bars, restaurants and prospering atmosphere.

Travellers can take the reins by renting a boat from Hvar for the day, to explore the beauty of the different Pakleni Islands. For a truly unforgettable trip, take along a picnic to your boat ride for you to enjoy, while you sail across the majestic blue waters.