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Sutmiholjska Beach, Croatia

Sutmiholjska Beach is a hidden gem tucked away between two rocky, tree topped cliffs on the beautiful Mljet island. Sutmiholjska Beach is a tiny but inviting dot of relaxation; sit back and take in the glorious views of the surrounding cliffs, the clear skies and the tranquil waters topped by a number of small boats bobbing on the surface. This gorgeous pebble bay is ideal for families looking for somewhere, small and safe for their children but also quiet and cosy so that they can detach from reality and unwind in their own little piece of heaven.

Sutmiholjska beach can be found on Mljet island’s south coast between the villages of Rope and Babino Polje and can be accessed via a 3km road from Babino Polje. The beach can’t be accessed by public transport, so you will need to drive or book a taxi to get there, but this just adds to the feeling of seclusion which makes this beach feel so special.