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Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

Zlatni Rat beach is truly spectacular to visit, comprising both sandy and pebbly shores; what many don’t know is, it’s actually a protected natural area, too. This beach also differs considerably from other beaches in Croatia because of its impressive shape. Reaching as far as 500 metres into the sea, Zlatni Rat resembles and forms a ‘v’ shape, surrounded by sands, Greenland and forestry.

Zlatni Rat beach can be visited by car, or you can take a stroll by foot, taking around 20-minutes to arrive. Surfers flock to this popular beach, as it’s a well-known surfing spot in Croatia with some amazing views of the landscape to admire as you skim across the waters.

Thanks to the influence of the waves and sea currents, the tip of Zlatni Rat beach doesn’t remain as one shape, but constantly changes in structure. Travellers love to experience the changing shapes for themselves, as one holidaymakers picture can alter from the next.