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Food and Drink, Croatia

Eating in Croatia is one of the highlights of visiting this beautiful country. Enjoy some of Croatia’s finest delicacies, from lavish lobster in Dalmatia, Pogača bread and delicious goulash. HERITAGE in Zagreb is the perfect eatery for traditional Croatian cuisine; don’t forget to taste the sumptuous Dalmatian wine, too.

Buža II Bar

Buža II Bar in Dubrovnik is famed not only for its serene ambience and tasty drinks, but for its breath-taking views, too.

Go back to basics and watch the world pass by at this relaxing bar. Many refer to Buža II as the ‘hole in the wall’ bar; you climb out of the city wall and the bar is perched on the cliff’s edge, looking out onto the clear blue ocean. Take in the surrounding scenery right from your table, while sipping on your drink of choice and enjoying the vibrant music played here.

Image source: Flickr. Copyright, Colleen Elizabeth.

Buža II is primarily a drinking spot, but if you are a little peckish upon arrival, or after watching the sun set from your table, there are plenty of bar snacks to indulge in.

Finding a table at this popular Croatian bar can become a little tricky in the high season. So, make sure you head over early to Buža II to avoid missing out on this memorable nightlife experience.

D’Vino Wine Bar

D’Vino Wine Bar is a quaint and rustic bar situated in the heart of Dubrovnik Old Town, serving up a wide selection of remarkable fine wines for you to try, taste and enjoy on your Croatia holiday. Over 60 wines are available to try, originating from all over the world, including Australia, Chile, France, Italy and Spain, as well as Croatia.

D’Vino Wine Bar is famed for its attention to detail and true interest in offering the finest Croatian domestic and imported wines, served up by the glass and by the bottle. Even better, wine tastings are available all day, covering some impressive wine regions across Croatia. Private wine tasting sessions are available with the boss of D’Vino, or a resident licensed guide.

Be sure to book a table in advance if you’re heading over to D’Vino later in the afternoon, as this wine bar is a popular tourist attraction in Croatia.


Fish Restaurant Proto

For travellers looking to experience fine dining, sublime tastes and exquisite cuisine, look no further than Fish Restaurant Proto, Dubrovnik – a gourmet fish restaurant for fine diners, established in 1886. Each day the menu swaps and changes, making this the perfect spot for foodies looking for adventurous cooking. The cuisine available wholly depends on the availability of fresh ingredients supplied on the day.

Located in Dubrovnik’s luxurious and quirky Old Town, this well-acclaimed restaurant is often visited by many celebrities, upon visiting some of Dubrovnik’s neighbouring hotels, including famous actors like Sir Roger Moore, as well as entertainers and musicians. Therefore, a visit to this Croatian restaurant is an experience in itself, and one to jot down on your ‘must do’ list when visiting Dubrovnik.

Fish Restaurant Proto is also suitable for vegetarians, offering tasty vegetable-based dishes, using organic produce grown in the Župa Dubrovačka gardens and neighbouring islands, garnished with tasty herbs and spices.


HERITAGE, Zagreb Croatian street food and shop is the prime spot for travellers looking to indulge in local Croatian cuisine.

The food served here resembles street and snack food, and is hand-crafted in the kitchen using traditional Croatian ingredients, including flavours of truffles, salted fish, spicy sausages and pepper – which is why this food joint recommend their food for adults and older children.

The food here is cooked to order, so it works on a first-come-first-served basis, with adds to its quirky and unique style. Enjoy a tasty selection of food, and wash it down with a glass of traditional Malvazija wine, at a very reasonable price.

Outdoor seating is available, so travellers can tuck into tasty food while soaking up the summer sun and taking in the local sights. Since HERITAGE is cosy and quaint in size, it’s better to visit as a couple or with a small group of up to four people.

Kasa Grill & Bar

Located in Stobrec – Split, Croatia’s popular town on the Dalmatian Coast lies Kasa Grill & Bar, a family owned grill restaurant serving up tasty yet affordable cuisine, from steak and burgers to veal. This quaint restaurant and bar even offers tasty pancakes which travellers rate highly.

Kasa Grill & Bar may be famous for its delicious range of meats, but it’s also a great spot for vegetarians; they offer up some delectable dishes including vegetable risotto and

You can also sip on Pošip as you take in the scenery, which is a native Croatian wine found in Split.

Portion sizes at the Kasa Grill & Bar are what make eating at this Croatian restaurant worthwhile, offering both quantity and quality, all at an affordable price. The modern interior makes dining here even more enjoyable, alongside the comfortable and bright outdoor seating area. Whether you’re travelling as a family, a couple, or even solo, Kasa Grill & Bar is definitely worth visiting on your holiday to Croatia.

Konoba Veranda

Konoba Veranda restaurant, located in beautiful Dubrovnik, is a family-run restaurant serving up delicious food and exudes a cosy, friendly atmosphere – all under one roof. ‘Konoba Veranda’ actually translates to ‘we serve memories’, which is exactly what this enticing restaurant achieves.

Konoba Veranda is famed for its delicious truffle pasta, as well as a diverse range of foods, from seafood, Mediterranean and Croatian dishes. In fact, this restaurant is so good, it was awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017-2018.

Try the tempura frogs here, too – a typical dish eaten in the Dubrovnik-Neretva county. Konoba even has wine recommendations included in the menu, so you can pair a good wine with your food for a truly flavoursome meal.

Another reason to visit Konoba Veranda – the popular restaurant organises many charity events throughout the year. So, you could be lucky enough to land in the country in time for one of the swanky events held here, and help raise money for charity.

Pelegrini restaurant

Pelegrini restaurant in Sibenik offers gourmet contemporary cuisine, mixed with a chic and sophisticated atmosphere; making this restaurant great to celebrate an event, to enjoy as a couple or share food with family.

What sets this restaurant apart from the popular food crowd in Croatia is the variety of food options available, ranging from vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. Outdoor seating is available, so visitors can enjoy the delicious food plated up here in the glorious sunshine. Some tables even offer spectacular views of Sibenik’s famous St James Cathedral, which you can admire as you eat.

Select from the diverse menu choices, including lobster risotto, octopus, vegetarian gnocchi and fresh seafood. Eating in Croatia really doesn’t get better than this.

Pelegrini restaurant is also a great spot for avid wine lovers; there are over 400 wines available to try, sourced from across the Dalmatian Coast, ranging in textures, flavours and tastes.

Sunset Lounge

Sunset Lounge Club and Dining is truly spectacular, offering exquisite tastes, as well as a vibrant yet calming atmosphere. This modern five-star hotel pulls out all the stops; a particular favourite feature for travellers is the vast and wide bay windows, where the surrounding scenery and sunset views seep through.

Taste the delicious cocktails here, as well as luxury and premium flavoured brandies, from fig, to nut. Sit back and unwind as the sun sets over the Adriatic Sea and the Elaphiti islands, while also sitting amongst modern and luxury interiors. Listen to live pianists playing as you sip on a brandy, or savour the delectable food available in the specialised dining area.

Sunset Lounge Club is open every day, aside from Monday. Its popularity means a walk-in reservation might not always be possible. We would advise you to make a reservation before heading over, so you don’t miss out on this drinking and dining experience during your blissful Croatian holiday.

Teraca Vidilica

Teraca Vidilica (Split) restaurant and bar isn’t just enjoyed for its vibrant atmosphere and tasty selection of food and drink, but for its truly spectacular views. Teraca Vidilica (Split) sits atop the Marjan Hill; acting as a sightseeing adventure as well as a restaurant, offering a glittering scene at night when the surrounding houses and buildings of Split are lit up amongst the night sky. The views by day are just as astounding, as you can watch as the sun sets over the mountains, over the horizon.

Sit back and relax on the famous roof terrace, overlooking beautiful Split, with views stretching far and wide. The cuisine available at Teraca Vidilica ranges from fresh seafood salads to pasta and rich spaghetti dishes, all of which you can enjoy outside. So, if you’re looking for a spot to relax and reside in with a great view, whether it’s for an afternoon, or on an evening, this restaurant and bar is the place to be.

Vinyl Bar

A quaint and cosy location, Vinyl bar in Zadar is perfect for avid music lovers wanting to jam to great music while sipping on local Croatian wine. Each weekend, a new DJ plays a set at Vinyl Bar, making one experience truly unique from another.

No matter what your music taste, you can guarantee Vinyl Bar will play the tunes you want to hear, from funk and jazz to electronic, soul and R & B. This musical bar in Croatia offers mesmerising views from the terrace, too, since it sits right on the beautiful coastline.

Pets are welcomed at the Vinyl Bar with open arms, so visitors can enjoy a drink by the coast watching the sunset alongside their furry friends. The interior of this bar is extremely memorable and an experience in itself; the floors are decorated with rows and rows of original LPs, as are the walls and table tops.