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HERITAGE, Zagreb Croatian street food and shop is the prime spot for travellers looking to indulge in local Croatian cuisine.

The food served here resembles street and snack food, and is hand-crafted in the kitchen using traditional Croatian ingredients, including flavours of truffles, salted fish, spicy sausages and pepper – which is why this food joint recommend their food for adults and older children.

The food here is cooked to order, so it works on a first-come-first-served basis, with adds to its quirky and unique style. Enjoy a tasty selection of food, and wash it down with a glass of traditional Malvazija wine, at a very reasonable price.

Outdoor seating is available, so travellers can tuck into tasty food while soaking up the summer sun and taking in the local sights. Since HERITAGE is cosy and quaint in size, it’s better to visit as a couple or with a small group of up to four people.