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Pelegrini restaurant, Croatia

Pelegrini restaurant in Sibenik offers gourmet contemporary cuisine, mixed with a chic and sophisticated atmosphere; making this restaurant great to celebrate an event, to enjoy as a couple or share food with family.

What sets this restaurant apart from the popular food crowd in Croatia is the variety of food options available, ranging from vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. Outdoor seating is available, so visitors can enjoy the delicious food plated up here in the glorious sunshine. Some tables even offer spectacular views of Sibenik’s famous St James Cathedral, which you can admire as you eat.

Select from the diverse menu choices, including lobster risotto, octopus, vegetarian gnocchi and fresh seafood. Eating in Croatia really doesn’t get better than this.

Pelegrini restaurant is also a great spot for avid wine lovers; there are over 400 wines available to try, sourced from across the Dalmatian Coast, ranging in textures, flavours and tastes.