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Sunset Lounge, Croatia

Sunset Lounge Club and Dining is truly spectacular, offering exquisite tastes, as well as a vibrant yet calming atmosphere. This modern five-star hotel pulls out all the stops; a particular favourite feature for travellers is the vast and wide bay windows, where the surrounding scenery and sunset views seep through.

Taste the delicious cocktails here, as well as luxury and premium flavoured brandies, from fig, to nut. Sit back and unwind as the sun sets over the Adriatic Sea and the Elaphiti islands, while also sitting amongst modern and luxury interiors. Listen to live pianists playing as you sip on a brandy, or savour the delectable food available in the specialised dining area.

Sunset Lounge Club is open every day, aside from Monday. Its popularity means a walk-in reservation might not always be possible. We would advise you to make a reservation before heading over, so you don’t miss out on this drinking and dining experience during your blissful Croatian holiday.