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Fortress Starigrad, Croatia

Located near Omis, Starigrad Fortress is a 15th century fortress which was built to defend against the Ottoman Empire during one of the many Croatian-Ottoman wars. It stands at the top of a ridge which is 262 metres above Omis, positioned so that it would be difficult for enemy soldiers to reach and therefore provide a place of refuge for locals when danger loomed.

Although the fort can only be reached by foot, it is more than worth the hike, as you will be treated to a selection of stunning sights along the way. These sights are topped off with a postcard perfect view of the area once you reach the top of rock formations, Hvar harbour and the red tiled rooves of Croatia’s traditional buildings which are dotted along the hills. The fort itself still has many of its original features visible today, including its 3 feet thick limestone walls and its two-storey square tower which was used as a lookout post.