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Old Town, Croatia

Step into a town that will take you back in time; Dubrovnik’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is renowned as one of the most astonishing medieval cities in the world. The Old Town is a remarkable area of Dubrovnik which contains buildings dating back to as early as the 1660s, but is still a lived-in city. See astonishing pieces of ancient architecture preserved in remarkable condition and walk the narrow cobbled streets of this special protected area. Relish the lavish marble-paved squares, and see historical sights such as Pile Gate, the stone gate entrance to the Old Town which dates back to 1537.

The Old Town can be found towards the south-eastern tip of the island encased within the towering stone walls. Visit the traditional old port which is dotted with numerous small vessels and is home to a number of fine eateries, a perfect spot to soak up the glorious sights and old-fashioned Croatian atmosphere of this historic village.