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Sea Organ, Croatia

Located in Zadar, the Sea Organ is a fascinating piece of modern architecture which uses the sea’s waves to create music. It comprises of a number of tubes which sit beneath a set of marble steps on Zadar’s coastline. The steps extend across a 70m stretch of coastline, and the organ comprises of a total of 35 tubes, each one at a different length, diameter and tilt. The musical tubes, which are simply made out of plastic, create sound when waves crash into them and as wind blows through them, making the site a cacophony of harmonious sounds which vary depending on the conditions. It is a remarkable place for visitors to sit and relax while listening to the organ’s extraordinary sounds.

It was created by architect Nikola Basic as an experimental sound art object, won the European Prize for Urban Public Space in 2006. Playing a total of seven chords of five tones, the Sea Organ truly is an attraction that you have to hear to believe.