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Local cuisine, Cyprus

Most towns and villages in Cyprus have traditional souvlaki shops that serve chicken or pork kebabs in pita bread or on a platter. They also serve delicious gyros with beef.

Most tavernas are located in village centres and almost all villages have at least one. They all offer a Meze with a variety of dishes available and many also do great vegetarian and vegan mezes upon request. The standard meze is either meat or fish for the main dishes and a plethora of small, side dishes ranging from salads, potatoes, and eggs to hummus and tsamarella.

The premier Meze house in Paphos is the Seven St Georges. Here, the platters change constantly, are all sourced locally and may include wild fennel mushrooms, bladder campion sautéed with eggs, pickled cauliflower, tsamarella (goat salami) and flash-fried agrélia (wild asparagus). They grow all their vegetables organically on a small farm nearby.