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Agios Georgios Church, Cyprus

The Agios Georgios Church is located in the area of Ha-Potami which is southeast of the Kouklia village. The chapel was built outside the village, on the ruins of Saint Catherine monastery in 1930 (approximately) and is a Christian Orthodox chapel with a semi-circle roof. It is a small, simple building which can accommodate a hundred people, built from local stone, left natural on the outside but whitewashed inside.

It has many beautiful icons but no hagiographies (writings about saints) as some churches do. It is built low down on a hill and on the slopes down to the church are carved graves that make up the necropolis of an ancient Greek-Roman settlement.

A lovely place to visit, there is also a little craft shop with some pretty handmade pottery and there is usually an ice cream van selling the most delicious ice cream just outside.