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Little Venice Canal Cruise, Prague

Various tour operators in Prague offer Little Venice Canal Cruises, providing a truly spectacular trip for every type of tourist. These historical boat tours allow visitors to view Prague from a whole different perspective, and the boats themselves are beautifully crafted from wood with attractive brass fittings (each one holding around 30 people).

The 45-minute cruise starts on the Vltava River in central Prague, then sets off to explore the waterways of Little Venice, including the Čertovka Canal (Devil’s Stream) and other small narrow canals.

As you cruise along past the Baroque houses, churches, monuments, medieval water mills, you can learn about the history and culture of this area through audio commentary (available in 16 different languages). So, have your camera ready to snap the sights as you explore out of the way places only accessible by boat.

The cruise also includes refreshments on board and a visit to the Charles Bridge Museum, all before coming to an end.