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Prague Zoo

The wondrous Prague Zoo was originally opened in 1931, located in the district of Troja (approximately four miles north of the Old Town). This zoo houses 681 different species including 293 birds, 167 mammals and 132 reptiles. Plus, the animals are spread out across 26 zones, depending on the type of terrain and climate they need.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons Copyright Packa

The beautiful, rugged terrain has over 10 kilometres of walking trails, taking you through the Indonesian jungle – one of the largest animal enclosures in Europe, housing a host of exotic animals, including Komodo dragons, orangutans and the endangered binturong, with jungle birds and fruit bats flying above. You can also visit The Africa House, the Valley of the Elephants, the Gorilla Pavilion and an area reserved for Chinese giant salamanders.

A designated children’s zoo also features at Prague Zoo. The animals can be fed and stroked here, and there are various play areas to keep the kids entertained, alongside a mini-tram, pony rides, and an observation tower.

Away from the enclosures, you can follow the geo-trail, visit the exhibition gallery and the unique wooden houses built by Gocar, or simply take some refreshment at one of the cafes.