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27 Waterfalls, Dominican Republic

The 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua, near Puerta Plata, lie in the rolling hills of the Northern Corridor mountain range and are etched out of the limestone cliff-face. Used by locals for decades, the waterfalls are now a popular tourist attraction and have provided jobs for local men and women in the area.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons. Copyright kikeam71

All visitors must have a guide to visit the waterfalls, and these guides will explain the exotic natural beauty of the rainforest as you hike, swim and climb through the waterfalls. If you want an easier route, the waterfalls also have walk-around areas. You can venture up to the 7th, 12th or 27th waterfall, as long as you and your holiday party are over the age of 12. All guides are trained in first aid and CPR and it is mandatory to wear a helmet and a life jacket during your trip.

Once at the top of the waterfalls, you will have fun slipping, sliding and swimming your way back down into the sparkling pools below. There is also a restaurant here, serving local dishes and a shop sits nearby, where you can purchase snacks, drinks and souvenirs.