Customer Service


Café Claro, Dominican Republic

The Café Claro occupies a lovely position in Cabarete, just a very short way from the hurly-burly of the main street and the beach. The atmosphere is very relaxed, with its simple décor, stone floors and bamboo bar and the food served is simply exquisite, both in taste and its presentation.

Café Claro is a fabulous place to eat in the Dominican; the owner – Sandra and her staff are very welcoming and friendly and do everything they can to ensure you enjoy your visit.

The breakfasts here are exceptional, as well as the traditional cooked breakfast they offer, ranging from omelettes and pancakes to bowls of mixed fruit, covered with natural yoghurt and granola. Enjoy wonderful and refreshing freshly squeezed juices, too, including pineapple, passion fruit or orange.

There is always a ‘special’ menu at lunchtime, as well as freshly made sandwiches and wraps, gazpacho, fruit salad sprinkled with cinnamon and almonds, and the amazing banana almond pancakes, dressed with rum-maple syrup. This wonderful eatery also offers various vegetarian options and a children’s menu for the little ones to enjoy.