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Catedral San Felipe, Dominican Republic

The Catedral San Felipe is located next to the Central Park in Puerto Plata; it was founded in 1502, but was destroyed by fire in 1863. The cathedral was then restored and work was completed in 1956, although some modifications were made in 2008.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons. Copyright Gérard Janot

This Dominican Republic cathedral is an extremely impressive building, with its two iconic towers, seen from the outside, with the inside being just as fascinating. Twelve enormous columns, each depicting an apostle, go from floor to ceiling and the stained-glass window in the centre of the building, representing the Ascension of Christ. There are also magnificent stained-glass windows portraying various biblical passages, as well as beautifully carved, ornate mahogany benches.

The Catedral San Felipe has great religious importance to the Dominicans, proven by the fact that the congregation themselves maintain the building.