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Escape Room Hurghada

If you love the TV programme Crystal Maze, then the Escape Room – Hurghada, will be right up your street. A team of two-seven players are locked inside a room and then have only one hour to work together to find clues, break codes, solve puzzles and complete a variety of tasks in order to escape.

Each of the four rooms has a different theme, story and location and varying in levels of difficulty. The Time Machine is perhaps the most challenging, where a ‘scientist’ has disappeared from his lab and your group needs to solve the puzzles to find out the year you have to travel to, activate his time machine and transport yourselves back in time to solve the mystery. The special effects behind it all are truly spectacular and this attraction in general really is great fun for all the family.

In the Secret Agent room, you have to follow the clues to find a document that lists all the secret agents. Once you have found it, you then have to discover who was going to sell this list to an enemy state. Who is the double agent? The other two rooms – the Haunted Gallery and the Chamber of Imhotep, are also great fun but a little easier.