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Swimming with wild dolphins, Hurghada

Many people enjoy the experience of interacting with dolphins within a controlled environment such as an aquarium, but swimming with wild dolphins in the sea is a completely different adventure.

There are various boat trips available from Hurghada that will take you to locations well-known for dolphin spotting. Relax on board and soak up some sun as you take a leisurely cruise to the dolphin-populated areas. Once there, you will be able to swim or snorkel with the dolphins amongst coral and shoals of colourful fish. Of course, there cannot be an absolute guarantee that dolphins will actually be there on the day of your trip, but most tours visit a number of known sites so you should be lucky to see at least one of them.

The boat trip will usually include a delicious lunch such as seafood, meats and salads as well as refreshing complimentary soft drinks. Some excursions also include an authentic belly dance show, a banana boat ride or even a professional massage. A truly amazing experience for the whole family to enjoy.