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Watersports, Hurghada

Hurghada is a fantastic choice for those wishing to indulge in watersports during their holiday, from exciting windsurfing and kiteboarding, to deep-sea fishing and sailing. The crystal clear warm waters also make Hurghada an ideal habitat for many varieties of rare fish and coral reefs, being particularly popular with avid snorkellers and divers.

Parasailing is also on trend in recent years here, and is great fun to embark on. A parachute accommodating one or two people is attached to a speedboat, which then races off to sea and causes the parachute to rise 40-50 metres in the air for a flight of about 10 minutes. Absolutely exhilarating. Kiteboarding is another relatively new watersport and the beach at Magawish, with its flat water and areas of choppy waves, makes this a perfect spot for practising this exciting sport. The abundance of shallow water makes this sport ideal for beginners, while the much deeper area further out to sea is perfect for the more advanced kiteboarders.

If you prefer to watch rather than participate, just pick your spot on one of Hurghada’s lovely beaches, relax on your lounger and enjoy the sight of others embarking on the various watersports on offer here.