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Food and Drink, Hurghada

The delicious Egyptian food available in Hurghada is one of the main reasons travellers visit this magical destination, time and time again. Get stuck in and eat your way around Hurghada. Feast on a delicious mix of Mediterranean cuisine, shawarma, kofta, kebabs, lentils and pasta, all accompanied with delicately cooked meats. Cheese is also an Egyptian speciality and Kushari is a nationally renowned dish you have to try, as well as falafel.

Café Berlin and Restaurant

The Café Berlin and Restaurant with its attractive decor and cosy atmosphere has a lovely view of the Marina in Hurghada. Serving a good selection of well cooked, tasty meals, salads and snacks, the café offers excellent value for money.


Grill & Chill Restaurant

The Grill and Chill, located on Marina Boulevard overlooking the harbour, offers its customers a barbeque-style eating experience. The charcoal grill used for cooking the meals is actually outside, so you can watch the chef preparing the steak, burger, fish or whatever else you have ordered right in front of you.


Makai Tukai Restaurant

Located in the Iberotel Makadi Saraya Resort, the Makai Tukai Restaurant serves a variety of Asian cuisine including Japanese, Thai and Chinese dishes. This beautifully decorated restaurant, with its low lighting and intimate design…


Moby Dick

Moby Dick Restaurant is situated in Sheraton Street and specialises in fresh seafood dishes, but also has an international menu to cater for all tastes. On arrival at this charming restaurant, you will be welcomed with a complimentary basket of garlic bread to eat while you decide what you want to order.


Mr. Greek Bar & Restaurant

Mr Greek Bar & Restaurant is located in the heart of Marina Boulevard and has a perfect view of the Red Sea’s turquoise waters. Serving both Greek and international dishes, it also offers a delicious “Catch of the Day.”


Nino’s Restaurant

The charming, beautifully decorated, Nino’s Italian restaurant at the Jaz Aquamarine Resort, serves beautifully cooked meals in a relaxing, atmospheric dining room and on a romantic, candlelit terrace.


Retro Bar & Pub

The Retro Bar & Pub in Old Sheraton Road is popular with visitors to Hurghada, especially the British. It is primarily a sports bar with a multitude of screens, each showing a different match or sport. Its menu ranges from Italian pizzas…



The Sofra is an oriental, a la carte restaurant located in the Jaz Makadi Saraya resort. Used by guests staying in the hotel as part of its all-inclusive deal, it is also open to other diners. This lovely restaurant offers a selection of starters, including lentil soup with homemade bread, salads, hummus, filled pastries and a delicious hot and cold meze with garlic and yoghurt dips.


The Bartender Bar

When visiting the Abu Tig Marina, Hurghada, it’s impossible to miss the Bartender Bar with its large bright fluorescent sign and unique décor. Opening in 2015, this amazing bar has grown in popularity, year on year.


The Lodge Restaurant

Located in the heart of Hurghada’s Marina Boulevard, the Lodge Restaurant and Bar has a wonderful view of the harbour and its many luxury yachts. This lovely restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating areas, both of which are very comfortable with a lovely relaxed atmosphere.


The White Elephant Restaurant

Located in the new Hurghada Marina, the White Elephant Restaurant serves marvellous, authentic Thai food, prepared and cooked by a Thai chef. In particular, the choice of curries is amazing and you can choose exactly how hot you want it to be…